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Puyopungo 2 Days

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One of the advantages of our country Ecuador is the short distance between different zones and much more from our Baños, in just two hours we can enjoy the unique beauty of the Amazonian landscapes, so a tour to the jungle from Baños is presented In Puyupungo a reserve of secondary forest that will amaze us with its landscapes and local culture.


> Itinerary

DAY # 01

  1. We left at 08:40 am from the Magic Experince office with our naturalist guide, a professional with extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna and culture of the area. Taking the route Baños - Puyo we will enjoy the landscapes with some waterfalls that come from the national park Sangay, after an hour and a half of travel we will visit an animal rescue center to know about the most representative animal species of the Ecuadorian Amazon, such as monkeys , Felines, birds, among others.
  2. Later we head towards a Quichua community Coto Cocha, where we will have the opportunity to see and learn about one of the Aboriginal peoples and also observe works of crafts and ceramics made the skilled hands of the natives. Afterwards we will have a typical canoe descent down the puyo river, approximately 30 minutes, enjoying the scenery.
  3. In the afternoon we are waiting for a walk inside the jungle this tour we will learn a lot from our guide, in the Ecuadorian jungle we have a number of plants with different uses and properties. A beautiful waterfall will surprise us on this walk and its crystalline waters invite us to bathe in them.
  4. We will arrive at the huts of Hola Vida where we expect a lunch, which will be a traditional dish known as maito made with fish and cooked in a few leaves obtained in the jungle has a very good flavor and is very healthy, we have options of chicken and Vegetarian if required.
  5. To end the day you better watch the sunset fall on the jungle canopy ideal time to take pictures or just relax.
  6. 20:00 Dinner
  7. 21:00 Campfire


  • 08:30 Breakfast
  • 09:30 After having rested in the cabins, it is time to explore the deepest area of this reserve, so this walk will last 4-5 hours here again the guide will fill us with knowledge that only the years Of experience and the coexistence with the communities allows us to have it today within reach. Big trees, beautiful flowers, multicolored birds and insects will be a constant.
  • 2:00 pm Lunch
  • 16:30 Return to Baños.

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  1. Transport
  2. Feeding
  3. Lodging
  4. Certified guides

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Puyopungo 2 Días Puyopungo 2 Días Puyopungo 2 Días Puyopungo 2 Días Puyopungo 2 Días Puyopungo 2 Días

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