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Puntzan Canopy

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The route is formed by a circuit of 6 lines conformed as follows: The first cable of 150 meters, the second 300 meters the third cable of 250 meters the fourth cable of 350 meters, the fifth cable of 450 meters and the sixth cable of 550 giving a total of 2000 meters of canopy, in which you can enjoy Of the biodiversity of the area. San Antonio de Puntzan, is surrounded by a large number of rivers and waterfalls enjoying the biodiversity that the area offers,

Feel the adrenaline pumping between two mountains supported by a harness and in turn driven by wind and gravity, an experience most similar to flying, sliding through the air through a cable.



  1. Sport clothes
  2. Camera




> Itinerary

The tour starts at 9 am or 3 pm, the meeting point is at our Agency from here we will make a short trip for about 25 minutes, where is located Puntzan, this Canopy or Tyrolean is one of the longest in Bathrooms, consisting of 2,000 meters with 6 routes surrounded by incredible scenery as well as a waterfall and a river. The journey time will be 2 to 3 hours.

> Include

  1. Equipment
  2. Certified Guides and whith experience 


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Puntzan Canopy Puntzan Canopy Puntzan Canopy Puntzan Canopy Puntzan Canopy Puntzan Canopy

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